Stage 6 Wolf Pack Sessions

wolf pack sessions stage 6 health and fitness nundah community living association cla matt and amelia rutley exercise movement program

Stage 6 Health & Fitness and the Community Living Association have teamed up to empower and build confidence in a small group of constituents with various special needs and disabilities.

Matt and Amelia Rutley, from Stage 6 Health & Fitness, have designed a 10-week exercise and movement program (called Wolf Pack) that focuses on what participants are capable of.

“These days, it’s easy to focus on what people CAN’T do,” says Matt. “Sometimes we forget about all the amazing things they CAN do.”

The Wolf Pack sessions focus on building physical confidence and self esteem in the attendees.

“Over the last 8 weeks we’ve been working with this bunch of legends, and the confidence these guys have gained in each class has been amazing to watch,” says Matt.

The next Wolf Pack series is due to start in July. Contact Matt and Amelia at Stage 6 for more information.

Stage 6 Health & Fitness | 9 Nundah Street, Nundah |
Community Living Association (CLA) | 5 Nundah Street, Nundah |

Nundah Corner Cafe and Bistro

nundah corner cafe and bistro new opening ramon olsen cafe noma

After opening and running five cafes, including popular local coffee shop Café Noma, owners Ramon Olsen and Kamol Nimnuan were looking for their next venture.

When space opened on Sandgate Road, they jumped at the chance to open Nundah Corner Café & Bistro, a casual eatery offering all-day dining in a vibrant, yet relaxing, atmosphere.

“We love the Northside,” says owner Ramon Olsen, “It’s booming and Nundah is one of the main Northside hubs. If you’re not on the Northside, you’re not living life!”

Nundah Corner offers a modern Australian menu with a European influence. The smashed avocado with pumpkin hummus, feta and roasted nuts is a firm favourite, with the Corner Stack (housemade hash browns, bacon, relish, brie and sour cream) a close second.

With a takeaway window open from 6am, locals can quickly grab a custom house blend roasted by Merlo or a Tea Tonic organic herbal tea.

Dinner service is next on the menu for Nundah Corner.

“We will be opening soon for dinner on Wednesday through to Sunday,” says Ramon. “We will be showcasing some local produce… and beers and wines!”

Nundah Corner is open Monday to Friday 7am – 3.30pm (takeaway window open from 6am), and Saturday and Sunday 7am – 3pm.

Nundah Corner Café & Bistro | 1208 Sandgate Road, Nundah | Ph 3148 2358 |

Celebrating 15 Years of Social Procurement

nundah community enterprises cooperative co-op coop ncec brisbane city council social procurement social enterprises not-for-profit best australian social enterprise

On Monday, May 29, the Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative (NCEC) celebrated a fifteen-year partnership with Brisbane City Council (BCC) to maintain public spaces across Brisbane’s Northside.

The NCEC is a social enterprise and not-for-profit organisation that creates meaningful work for people with cognitive disabilities and other disadvantaged job seekers.

Fifteen years ago the NCEC and BCC pioneered the concept of ‘Social Procurement’, which uses procurement not only to purchase a good or service but also achieve a community benefit.

BCC started a parks contract with NCEC to maintain two small parks in the area. Over time, the work has increased to almost 20 public spaces across Brisbane’s Northside, providing meaningful work for those who need it.

This has since led to a council-wide social procurement program, which has benefited a range of community organisations.

The NCEC won Best Australian Social Enterprise in 2015 and believe that the Council deserves some of the credit for the award for supporting NCEC’s programs.

For more information on the Co-op, visit

Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative | 46 Station Street, Nundah | 3260 7414

The Importance of Sunglasses from an Early Age

eyecare plus nundah importance sunglasses early age uv damage children kid baby junior roshambo sunglasses maui jim

Just as sunlight can damage skin, it can also threaten your sight.

With over 27 years’ experience, Eyecare Plus Nundah Optometrist Nicole Stimson has seen the effects of long-term UV damage.

“Many effects of UV to the eyes develop in the first decade of life,” says Nicole. “Long-term damage can include cataracts, macular degeneration and pterygia. Also, 5–10% of skin cancers occur around the eyes.”

Every age group benefits from wearing quality sunglasses. It is important to have children in the habit of wearing sunglasses whenever they are outside to prevent future sun damage.

Eyecare Plus Nundah stocks a range of quality children’s sunglasses that meet Australian standards and effectively screen out UV light. The Roshambo sunglasses, available in baby and junior sizes, have frames that are bendable, virtually unbreakable, and available in a range of colours.

“We discuss with children that sunglasses are like sunscreen for your eyes”, says Nicole.

Eyecare Plus Nundah are also official stockists of Maui Jim Sunglasses for adults that block out glare and 100% of harmful UV, while boosting colour.

Eyecare Plus Nundah | 1190 Sandgate Road, Nundah | Ph 3266 6444 |

A Night Like Nundah Has Never Seen!

friday night social nundah the power station co platform 14 nundah neighbourhood centre fundraiser

Photo credit: Kiah Lucey Photography

The Power Station Co recently hosted the second instalment of its popular Friday Night Social.

With all details kept well under wraps, over 100 guests assembled at the café outside Go Health Club where they were entertained by the talents of freestyle rap artist 21 hundred. Then it was time for the party to really get started! The stunning samba girls from Sambaliscious escorted revellers through Nundah to the secret venue…the new Platform 14 laneway space at Nundah Neighbourhood Centre (NNC), which had been transformed for a night of Rio Carnivale-inspired fun.

Sambaliscious set the tone with a hip-shaking feathery spectacular performance, followed by a stream of dance beats from DJ Jai King Koi, who kept the party going well into the night and left guests wanting more. Magician Thom Bedlam added to the spectacle, while talented face painter Rebekah from Cheeky Faces added more bedazzle. Thanks to some local community support, guests grazed on food from Pizzalunga da Carlo, Burger Urge and Ciao Gelato.

The event was the first of its kind at the Nundah Neighbourhood Centre, officially christening the newly refurbished laneway space.

The Power Station Co will donate a portion of ticket sales from the night, as well as other fundraising initiatives, in a bid to raise $6,000 for the NNC.

This will cover the cost for 20 deserving women to participate in the Journeys program, which gives domestic violence survivors the skills and support needed to get back on their feet.

For more information about the Nundah Neighbourhood Centre, including the Journeys program and venue hire, visit Donate at:

Friday Night Social | The Power Station Co | 4 Aspinall Street, Nundah

Coffee and Books – The Perfect Combination

coffee books perfect combination nundah library espresso train library car cafe richard warner community enteprises cooperative zeta coffee beans tweed valley employment opportunities

Nundah Library patrons can now enjoy a coffee at the library’s brand new deck area, thanks to the Espresso Train Library Car.

The Library Car is an extension of the Espresso Train Café, which exists to create employment and training opportunities for people with disabilities and people from refugee backgrounds.

Richard Warner, Coordinator at the Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative, said that the focus of the Library Car was good service and good coffee.

“As a social enterprise, we’re primarily self funded, which means we have to provide great coffee and service in order to fund our good works,” says Richard. “You’ll see this in action at the cart which is staffed by our experienced baristas – often alongside one of our hospitality trainees.”

The Espresso Train Library Car has been provided with Zeta’s Coffee Beans, a locally roasted and grown coffee from the Tweed Valley. Zeta has kindly provided the coffee beans to the Library Car for one year for free.

The Espresso Train Library Car is open Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday, 8am – 1pm.

Espresso Train Library Car | 1 Bage Street, Nundah | |