Taking Care of Your Loved Ones

home care assistance taking care of your loved ones nundah brisbane north seniors mark machaela

Machaela and Mark Magennis have opened Brisbane North Home Care Assistance in Nundah Village – providing personalised care for Brisbane seniors.

With a background in nursing and business, and a passion for providing quality care for seniors, Machaela and Mark enjoy working with clients who require help caring for a loved one.

“We speak to people who have a loved one who may have trouble performing daily tasks, or need assistance so they can continue living independently,” says Machaela.

“With the help of our Care Partners we allow family members to resume their role as a loving and supportive family member and take over the role of carer.”

Machaela and Mark have carefully screened a range of Care Partners who complete comprehensive training to provide the highest calibre of care.

“Our staff look after our client’s family members the same way that our clients would if they had time,” says Machaela.

Home Care Assistance offers short-term to 24-hour live-in care in Brisbane and offers a complimentary in-house assessment to understand the client’s background and interests.

This assessment allows Machaela and Mark to match the best possible Care Partner to match to enrich the life of their clients.

Machaela and Mark are enjoying working with North Brisbane residents with their care needs.

“It is so rewarding to see the progress that our clients have under our care and to see that what we are doing every day is enriching the lives of so many people,” says Machaela.

Home Care Assistance Brisbane North | 1277 Sandgate Road, Nundah | Ph: 3314 2575 | www.homecareassistancebrisbanenorth.com.au

Inspiring a Love of Science

inspiring a love of science street steve steven banyo nundah education local company ekka queen street brisbane

With a desire to encourage a love of science among students, Brisbane Northside local Steve Liddell has created one of Australia’s premier science productions.

Steve launched Street Science after several years of teaching in Brisbane Northside schools.

‘I loved working in schools and I saw an opportunity to provide more hands-on opportunities in science so that children and adults could really engage,’ says Steve.

Steve started Street Science by doing science demonstrations at schools, and it steadily grew to shows at Queen Street Mall, National Science Week events and the Brisbane EKKA.

“We find parents, students and teachers love the demonstrations,’ says Steve. ‘Often teachers don’t have the resources to do what we can do, so we can bridge the gap. Plus the kids have so much fun while they are learning!’

Street Science has expanded to offer school incursions, science parties and community performances.

Steve looks forward to continuing to expand the show interstate and encourage a love of science among Aussie kids.

Street Science | www.streetscience.com.au | 0410 550 481

Nundah’s Tea Whisperer

tea whisperer nundah mental health suicide prevention skye mental awareness foundation roses in the ocean
tea whisperer nundah mental health suicide prevention skye mental awareness foundation roses in the ocean

Nundah local, Skye, has taken her love for tea and started a campaign to raise awareness and funds for mental health and suicide prevention.

After seeing the impact of mental health issues on family and friends, Skye wanted to raise awareness, start conversations and assist those impacted.

“The Tea Whisperer started out of my appreciation for courage, connection and compassion,” says Skye. “In some situations people – including me – didn’t know what to say or how to act. But I thought we could make a connection over a cup of tea.”

Skye has started a range of Tea Whisperer Treat Boxes, which allows people the chance to rest, relax and reconnect. The boxes contain inspiration quotes and everything to make a great cup of tea.

A portion of the profits from each box sold will be donated to Mental Health organisations, including the Mental Awareness Foundation and Roses in the Ocean.

For more information and to purchase a Tea Whisperer Treat Box, visit www.theteawhisperer.com.au

The Tea Whisperer | www.facebook.com/theteawhispereraustralia

Nundah Food Guide: Pizzalunga da Carlo

pizzalunga da carlo nundah brisbane northside pizza one metre half italian wood-fired nutella

Since opening eight months ago, Pizzalunga da Carlo has taken Nundah by storm with its metre long pizzas.

Head Chef and Owner Carlo is committed to ensuring that diners have a truly authentic Italian dish, with only the freshest and finest ingredients used and the pizzas cooked in a woodfired pizza oven imported directly from Italy.

Carlo’s specialty pizzas have proved popular with locals – especially the Carlo (mozzarella, mushroom, zucchini, eggplant, salami, olives and fresh tomatoes) and the Nundah (mozzarella, spinach, ricotta cheese and pancetta).

The latest addition to the Pizzalunga da Carlo menu has been housemade desserts, including panna cotta, Nutella pizza and tiramisu.

“The tiramisu has been extremely popular,” says Carlo. “We had one customer say that heaven couldn’t get much better than this tiramisu!”

But, it’s the Nutella pizza that has proved the most popular with both children and adults.

“People can’t get enough of our Nutella pizzas! We’ve even made a few metre long Nutella pizzas.”

Pizzalunga is licensed, with a wide range of wines, beers and spirits available and special Beer and Spritz nights every Tuesday and Wednesday.

Pizzalunga da Carlo | 3 Aspinall Street, Nundah | 3266 9828
www.pizzalunga.com.au | www.facebook.com/pizzalunga | www.instagram.com/pizzalungadacarlo 

Stage 6 Wolf Pack Sessions

wolf pack sessions stage 6 health and fitness nundah community living association cla matt and amelia rutley exercise movement program

Stage 6 Health & Fitness and the Community Living Association have teamed up to empower and build confidence in a small group of constituents with various special needs and disabilities.

Matt and Amelia Rutley, from Stage 6 Health & Fitness, have designed a 10-week exercise and movement program (called Wolf Pack) that focuses on what participants are capable of.

“These days, it’s easy to focus on what people CAN’T do,” says Matt. “Sometimes we forget about all the amazing things they CAN do.”

The Wolf Pack sessions focus on building physical confidence and self esteem in the attendees.

“Over the last 8 weeks we’ve been working with this bunch of legends, and the confidence these guys have gained in each class has been amazing to watch,” says Matt.

The next Wolf Pack series is due to start in July. Contact Matt and Amelia at Stage 6 for more information.

Stage 6 Health & Fitness | 9 Nundah Street, Nundah | www.stage6fitness.com.au
Community Living Association (CLA) | 5 Nundah Street, Nundah | www.communityliving.org.au

Nundah Corner Cafe and Bistro

nundah corner cafe and bistro new opening ramon olsen cafe noma

After opening and running five cafes, including popular local coffee shop Café Noma, owners Ramon Olsen and Kamol Nimnuan were looking for their next venture.

When space opened on Sandgate Road, they jumped at the chance to open Nundah Corner Café & Bistro, a casual eatery offering all-day dining in a vibrant, yet relaxing, atmosphere.

“We love the Northside,” says owner Ramon Olsen, “It’s booming and Nundah is one of the main Northside hubs. If you’re not on the Northside, you’re not living life!”

Nundah Corner offers a modern Australian menu with a European influence. The smashed avocado with pumpkin hummus, feta and roasted nuts is a firm favourite, with the Corner Stack (housemade hash browns, bacon, relish, brie and sour cream) a close second.

With a takeaway window open from 6am, locals can quickly grab a custom house blend roasted by Merlo or a Tea Tonic organic herbal tea.

Dinner service is next on the menu for Nundah Corner.

“We will be opening soon for dinner on Wednesday through to Sunday,” says Ramon. “We will be showcasing some local produce… and beers and wines!”

Nundah Corner is open Monday to Friday 7am – 3.30pm (takeaway window open from 6am), and Saturday and Sunday 7am – 3pm.

Nundah Corner Café & Bistro | 1208 Sandgate Road, Nundah | Ph 3148 2358
www.nundahcorner.com.au | www.facebook.com/nundahcorner