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Houseplant Hoarders is a charming plant and gift store located in Hendra.

Originally opening as an online store, owner Bec’s plans to open a retail store in early 2020 were squashed due to the COVID-19 restrictions.

After restrictions started to ease, Bec was able to open her retail store at Nudgee Road, Hendra and has fallen in love with Houseplant Hoarders’ unique space.

“As soon as I saw our location, I was instantly in love. The courtyard, the beautiful cast iron gates and the little hub of other small businesses that surrounded it had me hooked,” says Bec.

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Houseplant Hoarders is built on a genuine passion for plants and the plant community.

“We not only source plants from large-scale wholesalers, but we also grow many of the plants ourselves and work with numerous micro-nurseries,” says Bec.

“This means our in-store catalogue is diverse and constantly changing. You probably won’t find the same plants elsewhere.”

It’s this unique offering that has engaged plant lovers, with many online shoppers now visiting the store to source one-off plants for their homes.

Houseplant Hoarders is open Tuesday to Sunday and is located near Brickhouse Cafe – plan your coffee and shopping date now.

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