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Above: The original Imperial Picture Pavilion

Originally called the Imperial Picture Pavilion, this famous landmark stood where the Centrelink is today in Nundah.

For many years the theatre was one of the largest buildings in Nundah and was leased out for dances and receptions, as well as showing silent films and later talkies.

In 1925, Mr Chas Rose purchased the theatre and had it remodeled. Under his guidance it grew to be one of the finest suburban picture houses and became a structure of ornament delight.

nundah history theatre brisbane loving local picture show imperial pavilionAbove: The Imperial Picture Theatre after being renovated

Mr Rose also added a café, known as the Imperial Café. Talkies started in 1929 and the first movie shown was “Innocents of Paris”. It was one of the first theatres on the northside with the capacity to hold 2,000 patrons.

Mr Rose, who lived in Rode Road, died suddenly in 1930. Mrs Rose ran the theatre afterward. The theatre continued to bring entertainment to the community.

In 1965 the then owner, Mr Harry Sourris, closed the theatre to build a block of shops on the site. On the last showing night, patrons had no idea that it was to be the last pictures shown there.

Many people attended over the years and have fond memories of their time at The Imperial Picture Theatre.

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