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One of the most well-known gravesites at the Nundah Historic Cemetery belongs to Leslie Francis Wegner.

Leslie died of peritonitis in 1911, aged just 9 years old. His devastated parents commissioned a statue to be sculptured from a photograph of the young boy.

Dressed in early twentieth-century clothing, Leslie’s statue is sometimes mistaken for a small girl, but this was the style in the early twentieth century for young boys.

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In 2013, historian and ghost tour operator, Jack Simms, campaigned for the gravesite to be restored after vandals had damaged it. The careful restoration was funded by Brisbane Ghost Tours Haunted Heritage Fund, which seeks to restore and repair things of historic significance.

The stonemason who was brought in to restore the gravesite, Ray Batstone of Batstones Stone Masonry, was the great-great-grandson of the original stonemason (William Batstone) who carved the statue and memorial back in 1911.

Leslie’s gravesite is now over 110 years old and, thanks to the delicate restoration, the statue has been preserved for many years to come.

Nundah Historic Cemetery | 86 Hedley Avenue, Nundah