There is coffee, and then there is Passport.
A special coffee experience right on our doorstep.

Drive too fast along Toombul Road and you may miss something really special – Passport Specialty Coffee. It’s a haven for those who seek the extraordinary in every sip, or a simple flat white. Owned and operated by Aaron and his team, Passport is much more than just a coffee shop – it’s a testament to a passion and expertise for quality coffee.

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“We have a really dedicated following, who appreciate that we have one of the largest ranges of specialty coffees in Australia,” says Aaron.

When visiting Passport, Aaron freely shares his knowledge about growing regions, process methods, altitudes and seasonality of beans. He’ll also talk brew methods and the intricacies of grind, pressure and temperatures. If you love coffee, Passport is the place.

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Each batch is meticulously monitored, tested and quality managed to perfection. They have a range of beans available suit your home espresso machine or filter coffee.
This is more than your average coffee joint – it’s a haven for the discerning palate, offering unique exotic blends and single origin coffee.
For those who crave knowledge, Aaron’s curated experiences offer a deeper dive into the world of coffee, from bean to brew. It’s a chance to uncover unique flavour profiles and brewing techniques, all in a friendly and welcoming atmosphere.


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The on-site coffee bar offers ample seating and a mezzanine level where you can sit and enjoy the coffee.
In a landscape where mediocrity is often the norm, this specialist coffee roaster stands apart – a testament to unwavering dedication to quality.

Passport Specialty Coffee
49 Toombul Road, Northgate