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With a new strategic plan in place and a forward-thinking Principal heading into her second year, Mount Alvernia College is brimming with ideas and potential. This vibrant girls’ school has courage at the forefront for 2022, and with great reason.

“Our College’s guiding values are courage, joy, respect and service,” explains principal Samantha Jensen.

“We thought that for this year, the first year of our strategic plan, that courage was the one to really focus on—for the students and for the staff.”

In such an unstable world, Samantha believes that courage is a critical value to embed throughout the College community.

“We hear so much about resilience – but when you start to unpack what is it required to be resilient in the world – yes, it’s perseverance, it’s fortitude. But there’s a good proportion of it just coming down to courage; just being brave.”

With a highly capable teaching team, courage is being blended in every aspect of teaching and learning at Mount Alvernia for 2022. “The College saw 135 students improve their GPA average last Semester, with that number expected to increase further as we head into 2022,” says Samantha.

“One very deliberate practice is that we are asking students to look at feedback and ‘find five’ things that you can increase your attention. Helping girls to not fear failure,” says Samantha. The ‘find five’ technique has proven to be extremely effective when we look at Mount Alvernia’s Median ATAR results. In 2021, the Median ATAR increased to 86.20 from 82.35 the year previous.

“The find five technique is all about improvement. We shouldn’t talk about perfection – we should always talk about improvement.”

The breadth of teaching talent at the College is a strong contributing factor to this rollout.

“We have a lot of early to mid-career teachers, so that’s a really exciting dynamic. And then we’ve got the institutional wisdom of longstanding staff members as well. So, it’s a beautiful balance of generational practices.”

With increased Median ATAR results and a high number of students improving their GPA average each Term, Mount Alvernia College is certainly a school of the move.

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