brisbane podcast loving nundah local burnout supportAbove: Shannon Swales

Nundah local, Shannon Swales, has turned her own experience of burnout and exhaustion into a monthly podcast that helps others in the same situation.

In February 2021, Shannon, a Clinical Psychologist, suffered a burnout, which left her unable to work and feeling physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted.

During her recovery, Shannon started a monthly podcast, When Burnout Becomes Reality, which features personal experiences and skills and strategies to prevent or overcome burnout.

“I found value in hearing other people tell me that they had or were suffering burnout too,” says Shannon.

“Hearing this gave me an instant feeling of connection and normalisation. I believe we can heal and grow by sharing our truths.”

The podcast features special guests, including educators and nurses, who share their personal experiences of burnout to recovery.

brisbane podcast loving nundah local burnout support

Shannon is looking for more people to feature on her podcast – if you are an expert in burnout or someone who has lived through it and would like to share, please contact Shannon.

Shannon has now returned to work and has launched Burnout Psychology Support, a therapeutic space for anyone who constantly feels overwhelmed, lost, or exhausted.

Listen to When Burnout Becomes Reality here or on Spotify, Apple or Amazon Music.

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