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This is Josh.

His project is more than self-defence and fitness. Measured, pragmatic and wise, his conviction to his purpose runs deep.

You don’t need to go far to see or hear of bullying in schools, workplaces, homes, and both traditional and social forms of media. The detrimental and often lasting effects on mental health can lead to tragic outcomes. Some on the receiving end may never speak up or seek help out of fear or lack of adequate support.

This is where practicality kicks in for Josh. He teaches his students to protect themselves physically, but this is only part of his aim. He doesn’t believe anyone should fight without first having a strong sense of compassion and a good reason to do so. Josh is focused on supporting his students to develop agency, resilience and dedication. Nothing makes him prouder than to see a young person act with maturity beyond their years.

Josh tells me he’s already living his dream but if he wasn’t helping others stand up for themselves, he’d be living on a property surrounded by rescue dogs.

Josh has been practicing Gariyan Silat since he was 3 years old. You can see him and his students working hard and having fun in Boyd Park, Nundah. For more details visit

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