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Eyecare Plus welcomes a new owner, optometrist Dr Raj Maiti to Nundah. Raj is looking forward to working with locals, helping them see in high definition and solving their eye problems.

Raj has an extensive background in optometry, since graduating with a Bachelor of Optometry with Honours from The University of Auckland in 2013. He has treated patients aged from 3 to 101, and has worked with top eye surgeons in the fields of glaucoma, cataracts, LASIK and dry eye.

Raj is passionate about helping locals with their eye health and especially if they have a condition called dry eye. Symptoms often include scratchy or stingy eyes. Eyelids can also get itchy, watery and red at times. Dry eye is a condition in which a person cannot produce enough tears to nourish the eye or when tears are of poor quality.

After carefully evaluating the signs and symptoms in the clinic, Raj creates a personalised treatment plan for his patients. “Thankfully in 2022 we have a lot of options for our patients,” says Raj.

Outside work, you may spot Raj hiking and exploring the beaches with his family.

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