In the heart of Northgate, a local success story is unfolding. Cooper Cricket, a boutique cricket bat-making business, has become a beacon of excellence in the Australian cricket community. This homegrown business, founded by Rod Grey, not only reflects a passion for the sport but also embodies the spirit of community, proudly sponsoring the Northern Suburbs Cricket Club.

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With a robust 30-year cricketing background in Townsville, including an impressive 15-year A-Grade career, Rod Grey established Cooper Cricket in 2011 within his home garage. What started as a personal pursuit, transformed into a flourishing local enterprise, driven by a commitment to quality craftsmanship and a love for the game.
Rod’s journey took a poignant turn after a health scare involving his daughter, prompting a reevaluation of life choices. The decision to relocate from Townsville to Brisbane for cricket and education set the stage for the birth of Cooper Cricket.


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The company’s commitment to excellence is evident in its sourcing practices, with premium willow procured from a trusted supplier in Pakistan, and a partnership with a boutique supplier in India for a comprehensive range of cricket equipment. Cooper Cricket’s repertoire extends beyond manufacturing, offering bat repair services that have garnered a loyal following nationwide, including prestigious institutions like St Paul’s and Gregory Terrace.


As a proud supporter of the Northern Suburbs Cricket Club, home to cricket stars such as Joe Burns and Nathan McSweeney, Cooper Cricket exemplifies the essence of a thriving local business making waves in the Australian cricket landscape.
Josh Brown from the Brisbane Heat & Nikhil Chaudhary from the Hobart Hurricanes are among the BBL players using Cooper Cricket bats, and are also former Northern Suburbs players.

This is not just a brand; it’s a testament to the passion and craftsmanship thriving within our local community.

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