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Nestled in Boyd Park is the Nundah Northgate RSL Sub Branch building. The building was previously the clubhouse of the Northgate Girl Guides, being built by community labour in 1933.

It was situated in Cameron St, Northgate. In 1971 the clubhouse was moved to its present location in Boyd Park and the Girl Guides met there until 1999, when the group combined with the Wavell Heights group. This left the building empty and in 2000, the Nundah Northgate RSL Sub Branch applied to lease the building.

The Sub Branch delivers positive outcomes for veterans and the community, and coordinates local services. An important role of the Sub Branch is to visit the district’s schools, to talk about their involvement during war time and to invite students to participate in the local services.

Image for Web NundahRSL 1Outside the building there is an avenue of trees growing along the path, planted in memory of the men and women who fought for our country. It is known as ‘The Hoop Pine Memorial Walk’ and a plaque on the path honours veterans. Inside the building is a library and memorabilia collected by the Sub Branch.

Any time you see the Australian flag flying on the flagpole outside the building, it tells you that the building is open to all who wish to visit.