A number of Brisbane and Gold Coast filmmakers studying at the JMC Academy chose Nundah’s popular Archie Brothers Cirque Electric as the backdrop of their new short film, How We Roll. We spoke to Producer Olivia Pickering about the project and the highlights and challenges they’ve faced.

Image for Web How We Roll credited with Olivia Pickering

Photo: Olivia Pickering

Tell us a bit about your film.

How We Roll is the second short film from Brisbane Director, Mitchell Bailey. The story is about a topic close to heart; learning to love yourself and how to take the first steps towards that journey. It follows Logan Davis after his break-up with his girlfriend. Logan is forced to reflect on his relationship and starts to realise that he is worth more than the way he was treated. It’s about taking the first step and realising that self-love really is a journey and once you embark on it, it will change your life.

Image for Web How We Roll Cinematographer Jamie ZinPhoto: Jamie Zin

What has been the highlight of getting this project in production?
The highlight has been seeing all our hard work in pre-production pay off as soon as we get to set. We started at 4am and worked until midday for five days while filming. It’s so rewarding – after all our hard work – to see the film come to life.

Where will people be able to view the film?
We are currently in post-production, so the director, editor and sound designer are working hard to finish the film. We plan on putting How We Roll through a film festival circuit, before hopefully having a local cinema premiere. With some luck it might end up on an online streaming platform for short films. You can watch the trailer now here.

How We Roll is being financed by donations – if you’d like to contribute to help make this film made (and also score a thank you in the credits!) click here