cst direct cosmetic skin therapies therapy northgate nundah loving local brisbane north northside beauty clinicAfter many years working in the corporate world, Michaela Hartwig dreamt of owning her own business in a field she loved, so she could assist others.

Michaela, along with her brother, Nick, and friend, Morgan Harris (of The Morgan Collaborative), took the leap in December 2016 and launched CST Direct: Cosmetic Skin Therapies.

CST Direct offers clients cosmetic procedures including anti-wrinkle injections, lip fillers, dermal fillers, jawline slimming injections, and fat-dissolving injections, which can assist with areas that clients feel self-conscious about or wish to improve.

Driven by her desire to provide clients with the best results, Michaela and the team have invested in the latest technologies in cosmetic injectables, and work with an experienced team to deliver the best possible results.

“Not all injectable clinics are the same,” says Michaela.

“Our new patient consultations are an hour long so that clients have that one-on-one time with our registered nurse and prescribing doctor, who take the time to listen to your goals, do an in-depth analysis of your facial structure and symmetry, with ample treatment time.”

“Getting any kind of cosmetic procedure can be nerve-wracking, but our team will make you feel comfortable and safe,” says Michaela.

Michaela is seeing an increase in snatched jawlines, lip augmentation and chin fillers in 2019.

“Snatched jawlines are becoming a lot more popular as they can give people a more youthful appearance by filling in loose skin,” says Michaela.

“Lip augmentation is very popular with our younger clients and chin fillers are popular to elongate the face and create the V shape many people want to achieve.”

CST Direct has opened a new location at 1/28 Ridge St, Northgate, next door to Co. Studio Hairdressing.

CST Direct: Cosmetic Skin Therapies | 1/28 Ridge Street, Northgate | www.cstdirect.com