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Earlier in the year, Loving Nundah featured Compassion 4 Community, a group of volunteers feeding those in the local area who were in need. Olive Volavola, Margaret Carl, Janelle Crouch and the volunteer team worked to provide three-course meals at the Nundah Activity Centre for those who needed food and company.

When COVID-19 restrictions came in, Olive and her dedicated team were unable to welcome those in need to the Centre. So, they quickly adapted and began a pick-up and delivery service to get meals to those that were hungry.

“The need has increased in our community with COVID-19. People have lost their jobs and are struggling. We are now seeing lots of new people, and some with big families,” says Olive.

The Compassion 4 Community team serves 3-course meals (soup, main and dessert) three times a week. They make at least 250 meals and deliver to 13 suburbs in and around Nundah.

In November 2020, they served their 69,000th meal and delivered their 80th food hamper to residents who normally would have gone hungry.

In addition to their normal service, Compassion 4 Community is holding their annual Christmas Day Lunch. At 11.30am on Christmas Day, the team will host and serve a three-course Christmas meal for people who normally spend the day alone, or those who normally go without.

“It’s so much more than just food,” says Olive. “So many people are alone on Christmas, without friends and family. This day is about enjoying a meal with a room of people – something many people don’t have.”

Compassion 4 Community would love to have more volunteers helping during the week, or at their Christmas Day Lunch. If you can assist, message the Compassion 4 Community Facebook page for more information.

Compassion 4 Community | 15 Jenner Street, Nundah (Mon, Wed and Fri 10am – 7pm)

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