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When Dr Ian Maitland opened Nundah Family Chiropractic in 1984, he didn’t realise how much of a family endeavour it would be.

But 37 years later, Dr Ian Maitland is thrilled to be working at the clinic alongside his wife Sue, and children Dr Ben Maitland and Dr Zoe Maitland.

Joining the Nundah Family Chiropractic team are accomplished chiropractors Dr Joshua Steen, Dr Xavier Hine and Dr Cameron Rigby.

The experienced team of six chiropractors are passionate about providing the best care for the community.

“The distinguishing factor about our clinic is our use of Applied Kinesiology to help treat health problems,” says Dr Ian.

“Our holistic approach allows us to treat our patients as unique individuals with different needs. We look at all lifestyle factors, including diet, nutrition and gut function, and also look at our patients’ spiritual and emotional wellbeing.”

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Applied Kinesiology uses manual muscle testing to evaluate the patient’s health and to find the underlying cause of health concerns.

This, combined with chiropractic care, can assist with joint and muscular problems, relief of back pain and headaches and a wide range of health problems.

The Nundah Family Chiropractic team welcomes new patients. If you would like to make your health a priority, book a consultation today.

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