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There’s been a lot happening lately. A worldwide virus. Online schooling. Isolation. Closed borders. Cancellations.

Through it all, the community of Mary MacKillop College has remained determined not just to survive, but to thrive. The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted Mary MacKillop College to adopt a thoroughly MMC (Mary MacKillop Coronavirus) approach. It has seven key pillars – MMCare, MMClasses, MMConnection, MMCollaboration, MMCommunication, MMCo-curriculum and MMCommunity.

We’ve had a conversation with every family, adapted teaching to ensure continuity of high-quality learning, provided meals for people within and beyond the college, found new ways to engage and stretch our learners, and supported families hit hard by job loss and hardship.

As the pandemic evolves, Mary MacKillop College is thriving on a renewed commitment to education for justice, creating community, seeing opportunity in the everyday, and ensuring the joy of life shines through, even in times of great challenge.

Christine Clarke, Principal | Mary MacKillop College
60 Bage Street, Nundah | Ph: 3266 2100

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