This is. Bill Russell, Buckland Auto Service.

this is Bill Russell Buckland auto service nundah

If you drive down Buckland Road, you’ve probably noticed a welcome contrast to the demolitions and high-rise development in our fair suburb – Buckland Auto Service.

Delightfully, unchanged Nundah. You’ll often see Bill Russell and his wife Marilyn either providing old-fashioned petrol service and a chat to their customers or enjoying a bit of sun in the back doorway of their garage. They can see the tree, under which they were married 48 years ago, from that sunny spot.

The business was purchased by Bill’s father in 1956 and the upstairs was home to Bill and his parents until he and his Marilyn married. Bill and Marilyn took over in 1970 and it is estimated they have provided over 60,000 car services since then!

Despite being a local legend, Bill is just getting on with what he has been loving for over 50 years – he doesn’t see what all the fuss is about.

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