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Providing cost-effective and judgement-free dentistry has made a local Hendra dentist popular amongst locals, and in the greater Brisbane area.

Northside Dental Solutions was opened by Principal Dentist, Dr Trent Davidson, to break down barriers to dental care in Brisbane.

“The main barriers to health care are cost and fear,” says Dr Trent.

“People often delay a visit to the dentist because of the uncertainty about how much it will cost. People may also be afraid of the dentist due to a bad experience in the past or they fear being judged about the state of their heath.”

At Northside Dental Solutions they focus on relieving dental anxiety and working collaboratively with those who fear going to the dentist.

“For those who are concerned about the cost of treatment, we offer a transparent, fixed pricing structure. We are the first practice on the north side of Brisbane to publish our treatment prices online and all costs are outlined before any treatment begins.”

Northside Dental Solutions offers interest-free payment plans for those who would like the treatment now and pay later. There are no hidden fees or charges and the cost can be spread out over 40 weeks.

Some patients can also be concerned about visiting the dentist due to past experiences or they fear the unknown.

“Our team of dentists listen to our patients concerns without judgement. There is no need to feel embarrassed about the state of your oral health and we are happy to spend the time talking to you about your concerns about dentistry,” says Dr Trent.

“It is all about collaboration towards better health, rather than the traditional paternalist relationship between doctor and patient.”

You will never be surprised at Northside Dental Solutions – all costs and treatment plans are discussed with patients in full before any work is completed. The patient is in control of their treatment plan, with the expert guidance and support of the team at Northside Dental Solutions.

To keep up with the demand for cost-effective and judgement-free dentistry, the Northside Dental Solutions team has grown, with a third dentist joining Dr Trent and Dr Helen very soon.

“We believe that everyone should have access to great dental care in Australia,” says Dr Trent

“We look forward to providing that to all Brisbane residents.”

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