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Traveling on the Queensland Rail network just got easier, thanks to a significant initiative aimed at improving accessibility. The completion of the Queensland Government’s $20 million Partial Platform Raising program marks a milestone in enhancing the boarding experience for passengers across 18 stations in the network.

With the recent upgrade of Nundah station, the final touch has been added to this extensive program, which focused on increasing the height of platforms at assisted boarding points. This initiative is a significant step forward in making train travel more accessible to everyone, especially those with mobility challenges or carrying heavy items such as luggage, prams, or bikes.

The Partial Platform Raising program is part of the Queensland Government’s broader efforts to improve station accessibility through its flagship Station Accessibility Upgrade Program. Currently, six stations across South East Queensland are undergoing complete accessibility upgrades as part of this initiative.

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Not only do raised platforms facilitate easier boarding for passengers with mobility aids, but they also contribute to faster boarding times for all passengers. By reducing the need for assisted boarding ramps, trains can maintain their schedules more efficiently, ensuring timely transportation for commuters in South East Queensland.

For passengers, the completion of the Partial Platform Raising program means smoother and more convenient boarding experiences. Whether you’re a commuter in a wheelchair, a parent with a stroller, or a traveler with heavy luggage, accessing trains has become more seamless and hassle-free.

With raised platforms and ongoing accessibility upgrades, Queensland Rail is paving the way for a more inclusive and efficient public transportation system.