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With a range of lush plants and beautiful ceramics, you’ll feel at peace as soon as you step in the door at The Plant Lounge.

Rhi, who took over The Plant Lounge in early 2019, is a passionate green thumb with a knack for indoor plant styling. She also loves to meet fellow plant enthusiasts – and those who are trying their best!

“We love to help our plant friends get the right plant – our pricing is super competitive and we stock a range of plants for every budget,” says Rhi.

“Indoor plants are only going to gain popularity in the coming years with people wanting to connect more to nature, with less opportunity to do that in their immediate environments.”

Rhi loves the village atmosphere that Nundah has, and loves chatting to new clients (especially if they bring in their pet dogs!).

“We love the support from the local community. We have people go out of their way to come and visit us, when they could go to a chain store. And they do that because they care about local business.”

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