mysterious death nundah waterhole reverend john gregor german station

In 1848, the body of Reverend John Gregor was discovered at the bottom of a Nundah waterhole. The cause of his death still remains a mystery.

John Gregor was a minister in Scotland, who travelled to Australia in 1837. He arrived in Brisbane and became the minister of the district of Moreton Bay, measuring over 60,000 square kilometres.

He lived at German Station (Nundah), working out of a small church, which was attached to a lumber yard. His first report on his work was enthusiastic, but his second report was not so positive, with the Reverend disheartened with those in his flock.

mysterious death nundah waterhole reverend john gregor german station

In 1846, John Gregor had the unfortunate task of performing his brother’s burial service. His brother Andrew, a local grazier, and his heavily pregnant female servant had been killed at his property near Caboolture.

Two years later, in 1848, John told neighbour Theodore Franz that he was feeling the heat and was heading to the waterhole.

About 10 minutes later, German missionary, John Peter Niquet came looking for John. Niquet and Franz went to the waterhole (which was about 5 metres deep) and after diving in, found his lifeless body.

As soon as news reached Brisbane, the Police Magistrate proceeded to German Station where a coronial enquiry was held, trying to ascertain if John Gregor’s death was suicide, an accidental drowning or something more sinister.

While the cause of his death was ruled an accidental drowning, many questioned the findings.