Parallel Learning: The new approach offering students the best of both worlds

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Never before has choosing a school that will best fit your child been more intense. There seems an ever-increasing list of factors to consider. For most parents, the single biggest dilemma is this: will a single-sex or coeducational school suit my child best? But imagine if you didn’t have to choose. From 2023, Clayfield College will be introducing Parallel Learning – and it promises the best of both worlds.

How it works
Under the Parallel Learning model, students enjoy all the benefits of coeducation through their Primary Years. In Years 7 to 9 they learn in separate streams for girls and boys, transitioning back through Year 10 to fully coeducational classes for Years 11 and 12. In essence, it provides gender-specific teaching when it matters the most for students, with all the social advantages of a coeducational campus throughout their entire school journey.

Why it works
“One of the things that’s really important is that if kids are feeling good, and they’re functioning well, they get really great results,” says Dr. Andrew Cousins, Principal of Clayfield College. “It’s well documented, particularly in middle schooling, that the development of all students is quite different. For me, Parallel Learning means we can tailor the pastoral and academic provisions more sensibly, in an environment that removes the gender stereotype. This allows students to develop a strong sense that they’re known, belong, and the best version of themselves.”

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Clayfield College’s Deputy Principal and Head of Primary, Mrs. Audrey Fellowes, said that at an age when students are experiencing so much physical, emotional and social change, having separate classes enables them to pause and focus more clearly on the task at hand. “Sometimes thinking about the opposite sex is a big part of what they’re going through, so it’s just having that space during class time to concentrate without the distraction.”

In this complex world when we are constantly teaching our kids to make good choices, it’s nice to know there is a beacon of light for when parents need to make the right choice for their kids – one that offers the best of both worlds.

To learn more about Clayfield’s Parallel Learning model and how you can be confident you are giving your child the best of both worlds, join us at an upcoming tour or contact the Enrolments team on 3262 0220.

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