This is. Hope.

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Liz is the Deacon at St Francis of Assisi Anglican Church in Nundah. In December, she is to be ordained as an Anglican Priest. Women have only been able to be ordained in Australia for just short of 30 years. Approachable, relatable and fun, Liz is also a tango-dancing wife and a mother to two children.

When asked what Christmas means to her, she answers – Hope. Hope is not blind optimism, it is about positive, loving action that strives to make things better. Jesus was a Jew and a refugee. He came to earth to live and die in a human way – to walk in our shoes. Despite frequent exposure to hostility, he was driven by the love for ALL people and taught forgiveness.

This Christmas (and beyond), may we be inspired to view what is going on around us with the perspective of love and empathy for the other – by walking in their shoes. When we do this, our eyes can be opened to a greater understanding of how things can be better and act to bring about change. This is Hope.

This is. series focuses on Nundah locals, interviewed and photographed by local contributor Gaylia Lee. Read more local stories here.