Husband and Father. Dietitian. Not the typical Personal Trainer.

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Sean refers to Nundah as the place where ‘every day is like a Friday’, meaning that people are relaxed and happy enough to say hello – any day of the week.

Sean and his wife Amy have been in Nundah for nine years and say that they love Nundah for the diversity of people who live here.

Sean is full of reverence for what he does for a living – guiding people to make real change in their lives. He and his super-energetic wife Amy are the genuinely caring humans behind Your Fit in Nundah.

A dietitian, Sean’s mission in life is to help change the relationship that people have with food. He believes that food should be a source of joy and connection, not something to feel guilty about. When asked about what his dream is – he takes a long, thoughtful pause. Sean doesn’t think about himself that often (meet him and you’ll believe it).

He tells me that he is already living his dream – sharing a values-based business with his wife and building a healthy community. But one day… he would love to take Amy overseas where they can ‘taste their way around the world’.

This is. series focuses on Nundah locals, interviewed and photographed by local contributor Gaylia Lee