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Above: Richard Warner and Michael Cherry

Toombul Shopping Centre has partnered with local organisation Nundah Community Enterprises Cooperative (NCEC) to provide job opportunities for people in the local community who have struggled with employment due to intellectual disabilities or mental illness.

The NCEC was formed in 1998 to create meaningful work opportunities. The NCEC manages local cafe, Espresso Train, and NCEC Parks and Maintenance. Through these businesses, the NCEC employs people with disabilities, building their confidence and giving purpose.

Toombul Shopping Centre will work with NCEC to provide long-term employment opportunities in landscaping and maintenance around the centre.

Michael Cherry from Brisbane’s north says the opportunity will be life changing for him.

“This job opportunity is very important for me. It means I can work with friends, have money to be able to live and, most importantly, I will feel like I’m part of the community.”

NCEC Coordinator, Richard Warner, says the partnership will open more opportunities for people with disabilities.

“This is an exciting development for NCEC. Being local allows us to connect more readily with our staff with disabilities, their families and networks of support, which is key to our success in creating long-term job outcomes.”

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