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Padua College competed in the 2021 Junior Space Design Competition, with a record 24 teams – the largest number of school entries across Australia. Year 5 to 7 student interest for this competition has remained high, as the College JSDC Teams have proudly qualified amongst the Top 5 National Finalists, in 6 out of the 7 previous years, and were National Champions in 2015 and 2019.

For Year 9 to 12 students, the College’s proud record of Australian Space Design Competition stands at twelve consecutive years in the top 8-10 projects across Australia, twelve consecutive finals’ appearances, and two ASDC National Champions trophies in 2013 and 2018.

This year’s JSDC competition was set in the year 2087, and construction began on Aphroditav, the first ever settlement in orbit around Venus. Aphroditav would serve as a base from which vehicles and drones would travel, to and from the Venusian atmosphere and surface, exploring industrial, scientific, and business opportunities from atmospheric gases and high-grade underground ores. Aphroditav was to provide a safe and pleasant living and working environment, for 9500 permanent staff, and up to 1500 visitors on short-term research stays. JSDC Teams from Years 5-8 across Australia were tasked with creating a 90-second video marketing campaign, to attract individuals to work on Aphroditav.

After a season of competition that spanned nearly 2 school terms, and some very creative and high-quality work, JSDC projects from Padua College Teams were submitted to the national judging panel. For the seventh time in eight years of JSDC competition, two Padua teams were judged amongst the Top 4 Primary and Secondary School entries across Australia, progressing to the JSDC National Finalists Presentation Event.

Padua College were awarded 2021 National Champions for Year 7/8 Division of the Junior Space Design Competition at the National Finalists Presentation on 24 October.

Congratulations to Padua’s Junior Space Design Team!

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