mindset dental hendra brisbane dentist

Above: Dr Trent Davidson and Dr Helen Fisher

Mindset Dental is Brisbane’s first purpose-built practice for those 17 years and older that are afraid of the dentist.

Dr Trent Davidson and Dr Helen Fisher created Mindset Dental to help those who may experience fear or anxiety while undergoing dental treatment.

“We’ve heard time and time again from patients about previous bad experiences where they had pain during their treatment or felt judged,” says Dr Helen. “Some clients have avoided the dentist due to embarrassment or hopelessness about their situation. That’s why Mindset Dental was born.”

Dr Trent and Dr Helen have postgraduate training in psychology and counselling, and take the time to really listen to each patient.

mindset dental hendra brisbane dentist

“We use a three-pillared treatment approach – talking, comfort and sedation,” says Dr Trent. “We take the time to listen, we create a comfortable environment (including noise-cancelling headphones, anxiety blankets and aromatherapy) and we offer sedation options for those that need extra help to relax.”

Dr Trent and Dr Helen also understand that bill shock can make clients nervous too. They are up front with all costs involved, with a full pricelist available on their website and interest-free payment plans available.

If you’re worried about visiting the dentist, contact Mindset Dental for your next appointment.

Mindset Dental | 1/341 Nudgee Road, Hendra | Ph: 3391 5980
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